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Applicants can create their own knife made of 120 layers of Damascus steel. These two days are not enough to learn how to forge, or make knives. This is an opportunity to make a knife of your choice – with a lot of help – from materials and with tools that are otherwise not available to you.

The two-day knife-making course at the Pyraster workshop

The "program" of the two days:
Friday: making Damascus steel, blade/grip formation, heat treatment, grinding and etching of the blade, fitting and riveting the handle...
Saturday: grinding and polishing the handle, making the leather case.

The fee for participation is 120 000 HUF. The applicant will make his/her own Damascus steel knife and its leather sheath.
Applications can be made by e-mail or phone. 
Tel.: 74 455 275
(Due to past unfortunate experiences, the application will only be accepted when the applicant has transferred 60 000 HUF in advance, which will of course be deducted from the full price.)


Location: Huingary, Bonyhád (7150), Bartók Béla u. 9.-  Pyraster
Saturday 7:00 – kb.18:40, Sunday 8:00 – kb.16:00


Information and rules

The following may seem strict or excessive. If you do not agree with any of these points, please do not apply!
These rules are for the sole purpose of enabling the applicant to complete a knife in two days SAFELY.

Please apply only if you already have some metal-wood machining experience!!
We are expecting amateur knife makers and hobbyists or those who have already tried themselves in similar work. Two days are not enough to acquire the necessary skills and practice in sawing, filing, grinding, etc. Having some idea of how to use hand tools is a basic requirement.
We use methods and procedures that are adapted to the abilities of a beginner, and during all the stages of preparation, we are there to give advice, and offer expert help in correcting errors, or even taking over during the more difficult phases. Still, it is important to have minimal experience with hand tools and machines. The applicant should not be afraid to use power tools.

Please only apply if you are positive, that you can/will participate! If you withdraw at the last minute, you will deprive the other applicants of their chance to participate.

The participant undertakes to follow all instructions, and take our advice! This is not only for the participants’ safety but for the good management of the limited time available.
If someone refuses to cooperate and endangers himself or others, we reserve the right to cancel his project immediately, and remove him from the workshop!

During knife making, we work with machines, which can be dangerous. Despite all safety measures, there is always some risk of injury. (The iron to be forged is hot, the angle grinder and the belt grinder grind one's hand just as willingly as steel, only much faster.) We do our best to ensure safety, but the participant is solely responsible for his own physical integrity. The participant must prove his acceptance of his responsibility with his signature.

We provide goggles, and gloves (or you can bring your own). It is recommended to wear clothing that you do not feel pity for if it burns out, tears, or becomes oily, or dirty.

During the course, we do not allow photography or videography. This program is about knife-making, not providing content for social media platforms, forums, etc. Also, it would break your concentration and take a lot of your precious time, which is needed to finish your piece in time. Therefore, telephones and cameras are not allowed in the workshop.
If required, we are happy to take photos of the participants during the work!

The participant cannot bring anybody into the workshop. This is mainly due to the lack of space in the workshop. It is also our experience that a friend or an observer unwittingly hinders the work, distracts the participant, and can cause accidents!

Lunch will be provided for participants on both days.
You need to arrange accommodation for yourself, there are several options in Bonyhád (hotel, pensions), and the nearby settlements.

We are happy to recommend and send you knife designs and shapes to choose from (below you can find some downloadable shapes that you can think about and modify). If you have your own plan or drawing, send it in advance via e-mail to avoid any misunderstandings, and check the project’s feasibility.
This way you can start your two-day work with a ready-made plan.

It is only possible to make knives with riveted handle scales on both sides. (Making a concentric hilt with “beads” strung on the tang may seem simpler, but that technique contains pitfalls that can lead to delays and loss of precious time.)

Since it is very time-consuming, there will be no metal bolster or hand guard on the handle either.

For the hilt, you can choose from about 10 different types of tropical or domestic wood in the workshop.  
Other materials, such as noble bones, are not included in the price of the course. If you want to make the handle from these, please bring it with you.

The knife is made of approx. 120 layers of straight laminate Damascus steel, it is not possible to make other types of Damascus steel due to time limitations.

The total length of the knife is about 240mm, and the width of the blade can be about 30-35mm.
The shape of the knife can be formed by hammering the finished Damascus steel and forging it into the desired shape – but within certain limits. (Good advice, based on the experience of previous applicants: If you have an idea, try adjusting it to fit within the size limit, but you don't necessarily want to "fill" the available surface just to use it all.) 

The following drawings may spark your imagination in designing your own knife. Feel free to modify them as you wish.


Feel free to ask!
Tel: 74 455 275

Fazekas József és ifj. Fazekas József
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